"Laugh Riot" New Music Video

Laugh Riot MV - Directed by Ken Minami, Asst. Art Direction by Chiaki, Laugh Riot recorded by Coupy, Mixing by Avery


During the pandemic in 2020, Ken, Avery and Tsugumi started jamming and writing just for fun at their practice space. Each member was usually very busy with rehearsals and live shows for their other projects, but during 2020 everything was frozen. Since they had plenty of time, they decided to continue as a new band, recording the material by themselves, along with art direction by Chiaki.


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We love playing live! Let's set up a show together! First we need to ask you one question.

COUPY only knows how to perform at maximum intensity ... is it ok to play very loudly at your venue?


Avery (drums)

Tsugumi (bass)

Chiaki (art direction)